Field works started on the project site


After long preparatory works the permission processes the field works on Old-Drava finally started at the 29th October 2018. The water retention artefact will be at the site named Black creek that is the lower stretch of the oxbow and which function will be to increase the water level and stabilize it.

The public procurement was won by the Hungarian Sziget-Melor Ltd. that already started the works thankfully the fine weather conditions with building the temporary road to the field work site. At the first step the road was built on the high bank of the oxbow at the Hungarian side that is ready for the heavy machines. It was not necessary to remove any wood in the forest for this action. The next steps were removing the bush that was grown in the silted up zone of the oxbow, building the temporary road beyond the high bank, then developing the conditions of the temporary roads.

Since the site of the field works is on protected and Natura 2000 sites and is partly in the former riverbed that is still covered by water from time to time, the implementation need to be done carefully. The field works will be the winter months when the impacts on the flora and fauna is the minimum, beside it is the proper period for the implementation since the water levels of Drava is usually low in these months. The temporary road is also built without any removing of old trees. The small and heavy machines must be in good mechanical conditions without any leakage risk of oil or fuel to preserve the soil and water. All the material and equipment will be stored outside the project and Natura 2000 area.