Project goal and its activities


The project’s main objective is to contribute to the conservation and resilience of the riparian habitat through improving the water regime and improving biodiversity status of floodplain forest along the oxbow.

The restoration will include the stabilization of sufficient water level with water retention structures in the oxbow, and the improvement of water supply from the main course of river Drava. The improved water level will secure the favourable conditions for the alluvial forest, as well as will provide favourable ecological circumstances for other aquatic habitats. By planting native tree and shrub species we will improve diversity of forest habitats.

There is significant human activity within the project area, especially the angling has considerable pressure on nature. The project intends to harmonize human activities and nature conservation tasks. Campaigns will target the local anglers, involving them to remove abandoned angling platforms and other litter from the oxbow.

The project intends to raise public awareness by various types of communicational tools (on-line quiz, e-study trail, leaflets, video). Once, the wide public understands dynamic processes and values of floodplains, a sustainable and environment friendly way of management will be supported by them, not only in project area, but even on other floodplains.

Furthermore, the project can justify that these measures will positively affect not only the natural values, but local inhabitants can also have direct benefits from them.