The ecological baseline study is available



The ecological baseline research on Old-Drava finished in the autumn 2015. The final report of the status of flora and fauna is now available. This was the most detailed assessment of the Old-Drava so far.

The baseline assessment will be followed by monitoring. Due to that, we will have regular data about the changes of flora and fauna in the oxbow. We can evaluate later how effective will be the water retention artefact that is built for the improvement of the water supply. This will give important data especially in periods, when due to the long dry seasons the water level of the Old-Drava would reduce if we didn’t stop this process in the project. This has happened regularly in previous years, which caused the degradation of the rich diversity of the oxbow.

The report of the biological baseline study is available in our home page. The full version is Hungarian, but Croatian and English summary is at the end of the report.