Ecological baseline study

The survey of the ecological status is the first step of the implementation. This study has two main outputs: In one hand it is a baseline for the monitoring of the ecological result of the project.



Since the project is implemented in protected and Natura 2000 sites in both countries, environmental and water construction licensing is necessary since the project is on protected and Natura 2000 sites in both countries.


Technical planning and construction

The water supply of Old-Drava is improved by water retention artefacts in the ox-bow and water supply channel from river Drava. Bottom weirs are key factors to improve water level within Old-Drava by retention of water coming from Rinya creek.


Improve status of forest habitats

Although, most of the forests within the project area are in considerable good ecological condition, there are certain forest parcels, where this action will improve the diversity.


Remove and reconstruct angling infrastructure

The stretches of Old-Drava, where the open water surface is wider, are usually used for angling by local fishing associations. For this purpose several fishing platform has been constructed.


Dissemination of know-how in cross-border projects

The project aims to preserve and restore the ecological status of the oxbow that is now cut from Drava and its water supply does not satisfy ecological demands.