Remove and reconstruct angling infrastructure

The stretches of Old-Drava, where the open water surface is wider, are usually used for angling by local fishing associations. For this purpose several fishing platform has been constructed. Most of them are also used nowadays, but several of them, especially the oldest ones, are in very bad condition. These abandoned platforms will be removed from the oxbow, the material will be transported to landfill. There are 117 angling platforms on the Hungarian side of the oxbow, which will be reduced to 90. During the project 30 platforms will be demolished totally, and 30 will be renewed. For common use 3 platforms will be built, especially for visitors.

The angling is a traditional and very popular leisure activity in Drava region, the Old-Drava is one of the areas where the angling is allowed within the Danube-Drava National Park. For integrated and sustainable water management it is essential to harmonise the human activity with the expectation of nature conservation. By involving the local anglers into nature conservation project will emphasise the common responsibility for natural heritage. As a result of this action the Old-Drava will provide more attractive environment for local people and for visitors